Private annotations for the web.

Deep Links, Deep Thoughts

Have you ever wanted to share a link not just to a page, but to a specific phrase or sentence in that page? And maybe add a private note, just for your friend? Nanotation Deep Linker makes that easy.

If you and your friend or colleague both use the Nanotation browser extension, you can share a “deep link” to a page. Simply select some text, right-click and choose Copy link to selection under the Nanotation menu, and a custom URL will be copied to your clipboard. If you send this link to someone who also has the Nanotation extension, it will highlight your selection, and scroll automagically to that section of the page, so they can read exactly what you pointed them to.

This extension is available now for Google Chrome, and other browsers coming soon!

About Fizz Studio

Nanotation is a side project by Fizz Studio, an early-stage startup in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Data Visualizations

Fizz Studio will provide a easier way to make your information graphics effective and beautiful.


We focus on making all our output accessible to all people, regardless of ability or disability.


We are working on several projects that improve trust, accountability, and communications for society through technology. Stay tuned for more… 


  • Doug Schepers
    Doug is a developer who defined Web technologies and standards at W3C for a decade, where he was inspired to found this next-generation project to make dataviz accessible.
  • Steve Cowles
    Project Manager
    Stephen is a skilled full-stack developer and team leader with over 10 years' experience in online publishing on a range of high-stake sites serving millions of users.
  • Sina Bahram
    Strategic Advisor
    Sina is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and erstwhile researcher, with a strong background in accessibility, inclusive design, and business management.